Resistance is futile

In construction, there is a level of resistance to new technologies that, although understandable, is not helping companies progress and evolve into the digital age.

The rising tide of ConTech

Construction technology companies have emerged at an unbelievable rate in recent years. This new wave of startups are driving the industry forward.

Environmental risk management is more important than ever and it has become a critical feature for success in construction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that can propel our society to a new era of wonders. Just as electricity changed the world a century ago, AI is changing the world we live in right now.

Just keep spinning

Software is the core of our business. It’s how we enable our clients to accelerate towards a sustainable future. Here, we explore how we keep our development focused and efficient by avoiding last minute distractions.

Innovation in construction is no simple feat. Primarily because there are so many obstacles blocking it. In this article, I've identified 3 key areas that are hindering innovation.

To ensure we build the right product that accelerates sustainability, we put Qflow out in the wild to observe what would happen. Turns out environmental folks are just cracking to work with…

In the past, sustainable construction practices have mostly been considered a PR stunt and not an investment in the company. No more!

The construction industry needs to work on becoming more efficient in order to improve existing workflow and increase its bottom line. Or at least so I thought...

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