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Sustainability Managers

Automate reporting of your waste and material data to reduce waste, material use, and drive down carbon.

The easiest way to drive down carbon and cost

Use smartphones on site to capture photos of waste and material tickets. Qflow will automatically digitise the photos and use Machine Learning to generate actionable insights from your data to help you reduce material consumption and unnecessary waste on site.

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Less paper, more data

Aren’t you tired of moving stacks of paper around the jobsite or chasing down foreman for lost tickets? With Qflow, it’s all captured at the gate so you can be confident that there is no missing data, meaning you’re always reporting accurate figures back to your clients.

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Construction projects are complex. There’s never enough hours in a day and yet, you find yourself spending countless hours reporting and manually inputting data. Let Qflow’s machines do the heavy lifting by digitising and storing your data in an easily accessible format. Your data can be easily exported as a CSV or directly fed into your chosen software via our API. 

Unlocking value from data

Your data holds a wealth of insights that can have a direct impact on your projects. Extracting these insights from oceans of data is time consuming and can be confusing. Most project teams simply don’t have time. Let Qflow’s Machine Learning spot the opportunities for you and notify you and your team of valuable insights that you can action today!

Making the business case for sustainability

For too long, sustainability has been a “nice-to-have”. Those days are over. Qflow enables sustainability professionals to carry out more value adding activities while maintaining quality and compliance. Granular, transparent data allows you to generate a powerful ROI to ensure buy-in from senior leadership. 

Save time, money, and carbon

222K savings

per project and year

154,000kg potential carbon

reductions per project and year

400 labour hours saved

per project and year

Case Study - Wood Wharf

“By adopting the Qflow system, we were able to achieve our FSC certification with ease and it saved us thousands of pounds in the process.”

Andy Haigh 

Senior Sustainability Manager

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