How Qflow can work for you

  • Accurate & quality materials data in minutes
  • Integrates with business intelligence tools
  • Reporting that tells a story

How Qflow can help?

Drive efficiency on site

Automating data capture at source with no manual input, making digitisation and reporting a breeze.

Streamlined reporting

Leverage the Qflow API to connect your data to your other systems for hassle-free reporting.

Meet your clients needs

How do you know what was planned is actually being built? With a continuous stream of data, you’ll maintain the Golden Thread.

Supply chain health

Speed up payment reconciliation and build a healthy relationship with your supply chain.

Reduce carbon impact

By minimising wasted resources and increasing efficiency, we help you reduce your projects carbon footprint.

Ensure project compliance

With real-time audits on material deliveries and waste transfers, you can be sure that your supply chain is delivering a compliant service.

How Qflow is deployed?


Our personal experience on site has enabled us to design something super simple, enabling anyone on site to pick it up and use it without the need for extensive training.


Qflow can be deployed in an instant. With no hardware to install, and no changes to your work flows, just login and you are good to go.

We fit into your processes

With so many new tools in construction, another can be too much for site teams. We get it, that’s why Qflow fits into your existing processes. We even integrate with your business intelligence and reporting tools including Power BI and Smartwaste.

Golden Thread of Data

Qflow provides a detailed record of materials going on and off site, enabling the ‘Golden Thread of Data’ and future circular economy initiatives. ​

Let's explore further...

Drive efficiency and reduce commercial risk

It’s not about replacing people, it’s about enabling them to do more complex tasks faster and better. Qflow alerts your team when deliveries arrive on site that don’t meet specification, enabling them to take action before it’s too late.

Speed up payment reconciliation

With all your Goods Received Notes automatically digitised, regardless of the supplier, it has never been easier to verify invoices, speeding up the process of cost reconciliation and supplier payments by up to 271%. Click learn more to find out how Bouygues UK achieved this across their UK Construction sites.

Ensuring quality across your projects

Quality control relies heavily on manual processes resulting in a lack of accountability and visibility. By automating and standardising the digitisation of supply chain data, and allowing connectivity across the project, Qflow ensures greater coverage and quality of your project data. This level of transparency and accessibility of data has a profound impact on the delivery of your projects.

Making the business case for sustainability

Your data holds a wealth of insights that can tell a compelling story and help steer your project’s impact. We help you harness these insights and make them actionable for your team. By automating the boring bits, Qflow empowers your team to carry out more value- adding activities such as working with your supply chain to eliminate carbon.

Qflow does the hard work so you can focus on the data that matters