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We are here to help. Qflow supports teams working remotely.

Working remotely and struggling to manage quality and compliance?

During this tricky time, most teams are working remotely and faced with a new set of challenges. If you are struggling to keep up with quality assurance and compliance because of limited access to your site, Qflow is here to help you.

Qflow can digitise and store your data in the cloud, keeping your site running as efficiently as ever. With real-time alerts, Qflow can support your team in managing proper chain of custody of waste and with responsible material sourcing.

Here is how it works

By digitsing every delivery ticket and Waste Transfer Notes, and instantly uploading it to the cloud, you will have access to the data you need from anywhere. Even in times of necessary remote work, Qflow makes it easy for you to manage compliance and reporting while also staying on top of quality assurance. 

  1. Deploy the Qflow app on any smartphone
  2. Have the logistics or gate team take a photograph of every material delivery or waste transfer ticket
  3. Receive alerts from Qflow to help you manage quality and compliance
  4. Access your data in the Qflow cloud portal from anywhere to stay on top of reporting

1. Delivery to your site

2. Snap a picture of ticket with Qflow

3. Access everything in Qflow cloud platform

4. Receive alerts when information is missing

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