Collaborative environmental risk prevention

Developers and tier 1 contractors across the UK use Qflow to proactively manage environmental risk, make more informed decisions, and save money.


With Qflow, environmental data collection is automated, eliminating the need for manual data handling and allowing teams to get on with what they do best. The data is stored in a centralised location, aiding in transparency and consistency throughout the construction process.


By utilizing machine learning, we can understand the causal links between site activities and environmental impact data. We analyze this information and provide key insights to engineering teams on how to manage risk and improve performance. 

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Revolutionary waste tracking

Qflow app being used on HS2 construction site
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Remain compliant with regulation

Environmental legislation states that all waste transfers on construction sites must have an accurate Waste Transfer Note accompanying it. Waste transfers that are missing these or have inaccurate information are non-compliant with regulation. This poses a commercial risk to construction projects in the event of an audit.

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Identify time and cost inefficiencies

By taking the aggregated data from Qflow, it becomes easy to analyse and dissect the information to spot areas of weakness. Qflow has consistently helped construction projects identify weak links and cost inefficiencies, consequently improving project performance and preventing wasted time and money in the future. 

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Material certifications made easy

Going for FSC timber certification? Perhaps you’ve got BREEAM requirements? Or ambitious internal targets to hit? 

Ensuring your project sources responsible and sustainable materials is easier than ever in Qflow. With each delivery being recorded in the cloud, Qflow will send you an immediate alert notifying you if deliveries are not in line with project requirements. 

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Supply chain insights

Identify what suppliers are consistently delivering the right materials and who aren’t. Are they arriving at the right time or causing delays to your project? Enable an open conversation with your suppliers and use Qflow data to understand how you can collaborate with your supply chain to consistently improve your workflow. Open conversation to improve productivity and efficiency.

Keeping construction connected

Keeping construction connected


"Qflow can help teams manage construction remotely and efficiently" 

- Andy Haigh, Senior Sustainability Manager, Canary Wharf Contractors

The app

With a simple smartphone interface, integrating Qflow with your construction site is as easy as downloading the app and getting started. 

By using the Qflow app on site, you can ensure that 100% of your data is captured and stored in a centralised location. Gone are the days worrying about tracking down data that has slipped through the cracks. An environmental risk management platform is now at your fingertips.

Working with us

1. Discovery

What are you looking for? What are your business objectives? Meet with the Qflow team to understand how we can help your project and to allow us to understand your objectives and goals.

2. Pilot

If you aren’t sure quite how Qflow will fit into your project, how about going for a 1 month test ride? This will help you get an idea of what areas Qflow can help your project and make it easier to understand what modules you want to deploy full time.

3. Module

Now that we have the information we need, let’s get your project set up with a module. Qflow currently offers Waste Tracking, Material Tracking, and Air Quality Monitoring modules. 

4. Enterprise

Have you used Qflow for a while? Or are you confident that your business will see massive benefits from using it? Contact our team to discuss deploying Qflow on a corporate level and the widespread benefits of doing so.

Used by industry leaders

to mitigate their environmental risk and save time and money on their projects

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Qflow is an excellent example of how technology can save hours of painstaking admin without being unusable by those who less accustomed to smart phones and computers. It has a wide range of applications with an excellent support network of individuals within the organisation who deal with all requests and suggestions promptly, professionally and pragmatically.

Oliver Beech, Senior Environmental Advisor

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“Qflow has helped Multiplex make a significant positive shift in the way that it collates environmental data on its live construction sites. The Qflow system was trialed at our DAMAC Tower project and provided multiple benefits. It was simple to use and most importantly cut down the amount of steps used in collating data. The Qflow team were fantastic throughout as they were always on hand to provide assistance where necessary”

Joshua Davies, Sustainability Manager

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