Track and manage your environmental data

  • Save time by capturing data with just 2 clicks
  • Monitor data in real time to consistently keep your project up to date
  • Identify opportunities for improving site efficiency

What do we do?

Qflow’s environmental risk management platform helps construction and engineering teams track and manage their environmental impact to meet regulation. Our cloud based platform allows you to connect to IoT devices on site to capture real-time information on construction activities and impacts. It then analyses this information and provides key insights to the engineering team on how to manage that risk and improve performance.  

Qflow iOS smartphone app showing waste, materials, and concrete modules
Qflow logo word cloud with key benefits

How does it benefit you?

Qflow helps contractors track waste and materials for BREEAM and Duty of Care requirements. By providing them with real time information on these aspects, the construction team can respond immediately, eliminating that risk. By analysing this against construction activities, Qflow helps teams identify opportunities for improvement, and reduce their environmental impact.

Show me the numbers

By deploying Qflow clients have...

  • Saved an average of £405,000 per project per year
  • Avoided 36,500 kg of CO2 emissions
  • Tracked 8824 tonnes of waste
  • Tracked 3324 material deliveries
  • Discovered 624 non-conformances
Laptop environmental risk management platform dashboard

Sustainable construction is within reach

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