Keeping construction connected during COVID-19

Keeping construction connected during COVID-19


"Qflow can help teams manage construction remotely and efficiently" 

- Andy Haigh, Senior Sustainability Manager, Canary Wharf Contractors

Our clients manage remote work

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Ensuring responsible sourcing

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Responsible material sourcing is a corner stone for sustainable construction. Ensuring the right materials arrive on site is a struggle in a regular construction environment. During this crisis it can be incredibly difficult to quality check all deliveries to site. Canary Wharf Contractors are using Qflow to maintain high standards through this situation. Because Qflow is a cloud based platform, anyone on the environmental team can access the data in real time to make sure all material deliveries are responsibly sourced. 

Managing waste compliance

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Skanska used Qflow to create an accurate data set of waste movements across a national highway maintenance project. The scale of the framework made it difficult to keep track of all waste movements and ensure these were compliant. With Qflow’s cloud platform, Skanska were able to track all waste movements from anywhere with an internet connection, and received real time alerts when there was missing information; giving Skanska’s environment team the freedom to work remotely while achieving better results. 

Streamlining reporting

“The Qflow app increased efficiency on site and increased accuracy of reporting in Waste data specifically, aiding compliance. The system was easy to deploy, mainly as immediately the need to manually enter data into systems decreased massively. As a result operatives, engineers and office admins alike quickly bought into the system as the benefits to their day jobs began almost immediately.”

Paul Arnold, Environmental Advisor (Old Oak Common)

Additional resources for remote teams

We know right now can be a stressful time for many construction teams, both personally and professionally. To ease the professional side of things, we have  put together some articles to help you manage the shift to remote work, keeping your productivity high, and preparations for when things go back to normal again. You will also find some useful links that our team have found helpful during this time. 

More support

Following are some links to additional resources that our team have found useful during this time. It’s everything from remote work to simply staying positive. 

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We are here to help

If you need more help in managing remote work for your site or you are looking for additional tips reach out to us.