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A closer look at how data can help manage quality and reduce costs in construction

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In today’s webinar, Qflow’s CPO and co-founder, Jade Cohen, is going to dive into how we can use data to manage costs and quality on construction projects. With personal experience in managing performance on large infrastructure projects across the UK, Jade has seen first hand what well connected data management can do for a construction site. So sit back with a cup of coffee, grab your notebook, and enjoy the webinar!

What you'll learn

  • How to uncover false assumption to get to the root of the problem
  • Where to find hidden costs that create budget overruns
  • How to make use of data to ensure our supply chain is  operating at full efficiency
  • How to approach new technologies within our organisation
Jade Cohen

Jade Cohen

As an environmental specialist drawing from construction experience, Qflow's co-founder and CPO knows how to lead the development of a top class software product to best suit the construction industry.

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