Wood Wharf Case Study

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A mixed use, water side community development seeking FSC certification. To help the team keep track, they needed to digitise the flow of data on the project. Here is how they did it!

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Canary Wharf Contractors is an industry leading firm that sets challenging goals in the pursuit of excellence. One of these goals is the internal requirement that all projects operated by Canary Wharf Contractors must be 100% FSC certified. Responsible sourcing is a corner stone of sustainable construction and the achievement of such a certification comes with certain obstacles.


In order to achieve FSC certification, 100% of the timber that goes into the build must be FSC certified and the contractor must be able to provide evidence of this. If as much as one of the hundreds of timber deliveries to site is uncertified and slips through the cracks, the project will fail its certification and all that work will have been in vain. The Canary Wharf Contractors team are commitment to achieving this sustainability target, and will replace the uncertified timber even if it requires rework. The additional cost and time commitment had become a burden on the project team so they sought out a better way.


To solve this issue, the Wood Wharf project team needed to be alerted if uncertified timber was delivered to site, and ensure that the correct documentation was available for FSC audits. Qflow stepped in and deployed its innovative data capture and analytics tool to solve this problem. This alerted the team to uncertified deliveries so that they could act to eliminate that risk. By keeping a constant eye on all deliveries, Qflow enabled the project to run smoothly and minimise delays and unnecessary costs due to required rework.

To read more about how Qflow did this, the technology used, and the many additional benefits that Canary Wharf Contractors experienced as a direct result of deploying Qflow, download the full case study.

Download full case study