The Value of Data

Data only has the potential to be valuable when it is of a high quality (complete, structured, and consistent) and is accessible. This data only becomes valuable when it is used to inform action in the real world.

Software will not eat construction

As everyone knows, construction falls behind the global digitisation and technology curve, and as a deeply physical industry, I can say with some confidence that software will not eat construction.

We closed £1.7M of venture capital investment to grow Qualis Flow and build a more sustainable construction industry.

Designers and planners must consider how the waste will be managed and repurposed, and contractors and operators must work hard to deliver effective management.

Construction projects are right with data, but getting insight and value from it proves to be elusive.

The discussion around diversity and inclusion covers many areas, but today I’d like to take the time to discuss the

The industry is changing. Since the beginning of 2020, the cash flow of small businesses has taken a hit, making

The construction industry is becoming more alive and alert thanks to the Internet of Things. Through this technology, construction sites are connected like never before.

A few years ago, The Economist referred to data as the new oil. In 2021, more data will be produced

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