Designers and planners must consider how the waste will be managed and repurposed, and contractors and operators must work hard to deliver effective management.

Construction projects are right with data, but getting insight and value from it proves to be elusive.

The discussion around diversity and inclusion covers many areas, but today I’d like to take the time to discuss the

The industry is changing. Since the beginning of 2020, the cash flow of small businesses has taken a hit, making

The construction industry is becoming more alive and alert thanks to the Internet of Things. Through this technology, construction sites are connected like never before.

A few years ago, The Economist referred to data as the new oil. In 2021, more data will be produced

Not sure it's commercially viable to pursue a Net-Zero strategy? Think again. We outline the commercial benefits and provide a guide to build your own road map to achieve Net-Zero.

An interview with Serena Ward from the Costain Group. Serena is an Environmental Advisor and always on the lookout for innovative solutions to improve sustainability in construction.

Hear from some of the most sustainable contractors in the UK discussing their public commitment to Net-Zero and best practices for getting started on the journey.

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