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Construction team standing by a building foundation
Brittany Harris

Are we paid to be inefficient?

The construction industry needs to work on becoming more efficient in order to improve existing workflow and increase its bottom line. Or at least so I thought…

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Focused glasses on green leaves
James Farrell

Sod the MVP, it’s all about MVF’s

In this article, I discuss why I don’t get caught up in defining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and instead focus in on Minimum Viable Features (MVFs). I look at how we use this concept at Qualis Flow to focus on delivering features that will drive sustainability in construction.

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3 steps to lean product development

Software is the core of our business. It’s how we enable our clients to accelerate towards a sustainable future. Here James, our Product Owner, explores how we stop scope creep and get the right functionality out of the door as early as possible.
Is it skimmed though?

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